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Guest Coaches Policy

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Guest Coaches Policy

East West Ice Palace and Center Ice Arena are private ice rinks and reserve the right to approve or deny any guest coach (figure or hockey) who wishes to teach on any of its sessions (freestyle, public, stick time, etc).

Guest coaches must contact management at least 3 days prior to their visit for special approval and must complete and email the Guest Coach Request form to Miriam Bradley at mbradley@eastwesticepalace.com​ for figure skating, and Jeremy Mingura at jmingura@eastwesticepalace.com​ for hockey.

Once approved, guest coaches must sign the Guest Coach Agreement form. A copy of the liability insurance certificate and PSA/USFS/ISI/USA Hockey membership card(s) must also be submitted to Miriam/Jeremy prior to the visit.

The Guest Coach must pay a $35 professional fee each day they are given permission to use the rink. The fee must be paid prior to entering the ice rink.

If the Guest Coach wishes to use the gym or any area of the rink for off-ice training, an additional $10 professional fee applies and must be paid prior to the start of off ice training.

If a Guest Coach wishes to use the gym at EWIP for personal use, a $10 day fee will be charged.

Guest Coach Package (info and forms) — revised 3/15/20

Guest Coach Package (info and forms)