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The California Gold Synchronized Skating Teams train at East West Ice Palace.

Synchronized skating is an exciting part of the world of figure skating. It is governed as a competitive sport in this country by U.S. Figure Skating, and on an international and world level by the International Skating Union, just like the familiar competitions in singles, pairs, and ice dancing.

But instead of one or two skaters on the ice at a time, imagine large teams moving in perfect unison. Circles, lines, blocks, wheels, and intersecting formations are the basic elements, choreographed with music in endless variety.

California Gold is currently fielding two teams — one at the Senior level and one at the Novice level. The Senior team has placed consistently in the top four in the nation over the past several years, and is designated as a member of Team USA, appointed to represent the United States in International competition.

The teams are coached by Jillian Cipresso and Amanda Falkowski.

Learn more at the California Gold website.

Introductory Classes in Synchronized Skating

Want to learn the fundamentals of synchronized team skating? East West Ice Palace offers special classes as part of our Skating School program. These classes are for Basic 2 and up skaters who’d like to experience for themselves a bit of this exciting type of skating. They are taught by the California Gold coaches, Amanda and Jill.

Visit our Skating School page for details.